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October 25, 2007

Wow How time passes so quickly.  It has been a while since I was here. I will have to update this Site. there are no more Motorcycles.  My Health don't seem to want to allow me to continue Riding. FAST.        So maybe I willl buy a Harley 1200 Sportster and Slow way down .. I only had the Busa for two days before the truck turned in front of me and wasted it.. but I did manage to take her out on a back road and run up to 150 MPH.. only felt like I was doing 90, so smooth. I told self that I would do this again in a week or two.. and finish the top speed race.. hear is is 187, before the electronics shut her down.. but, you can mod that also.. (don't tell anyone)... When tye told me she was totaled I didn't believe that for a Fact.. but I didn't want to find out either at my High speed blast.. going  down at speed will end it all for you , if you are not dressed properly.. I was not . had everything but the leather pants for sliding at 150 mph.. felt too confindant... [More]
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Bronco II conversion to 302 with EFI and a AOD Transmission

November 16, 2006

    Well it seems like I have been working on this engine forever.. I got a T-Bird about a month ago and pulled the engine, trans, and all the wiring so I can keep the EFI.. The Bronco is the one you see on my Page.. I have dreams of it being Metallic Green of some shade.. Still working on that. It's just that I wanted a project for a long time using a 302 Ford.. This is not a Race Engine,  Just want it to Run good , a sweet sound and some extra Power.. I have installed a .010x.010 Crankshaft kit and Honed the cylinders and installed new Rings.. I have installed the Intake Manifold tonight I Spent about 4 hours taking my 16 roller Lifters apart and cleaning them , They looked well , New ones are $500. So I said why not take the time to clean them, I am using a High flow Oil pump, they say I don't need it if making less than 400 Hp. I will Post Pics of the Project soon... 

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